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Buying a home is a significant, exciting and important decision. Normally, Internet and real estate professionals are two resources most buyers turn to when searching for a home.  Before you do anything, I will suggest scheduling an appointment with the real estate agent and discuss all the options.

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I can help you improve your overall home buying experience and provide you guidance to reduce stress, save time, and make you a savvy, successful consumer.

I offer extensive knowledge in:

1. Schools and Market condition

2. Neighborhood

3. I can provide you a couple of mortgage specialist who can help you and educate you with your mortgage or loan options.

4. I bring technology and networking which can you an edge and multiple resources

Together we can discuss, strategies and narrow down the area based on your school, commuting, house type, and budget preference.

Interested in getting more information on the home buying process? Contact me at 408 483 0719 or schedule an appointment.