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Sunnyvale is a heart of Silicon Valley and it is changing rapidly. It is a home of many high tech companies. I gathered tons of information and resources for you such as Private/ Public schools, Parks, Cal train station, Restaurants, Weather, Shopping center, Movie Theater, Cycling Trails, Cal Train Station VTA, BART Open houses and much more. This is a dynamic page for real estate which means all the listing data are current and up to date. Hope this information, you will find useful to you. Median home price in Sunnyvale is $1,750,00

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Explore dynamic real estate market data, parks, shopping dinning public and private schools, Cal train, VTA schedule and much more..

Buying a home isn’t as easy as walking up to a lender and requesting a mortgage. You’ll need cash for a down payment. It’s important to get your budget in writing, whether that means using a spreadsheet, paper, and pencil or personal finance software. The most basic of budgets include your income and the list of expenses. Expenses include not only your fixed expenses, such as rent or mortgage payments and installment loan payments but variable expenses (utilities, telephone, etc.) and every single penny you spend on a daily basis.

Before you jump online to look at homes for sale, start with the basics: the 3 basic things you need to buy a home.

1. You will need a mortgage – Unless you are among the 23 percent of homebuyers who will pay cash for a home, you’ll need to borrow the money to pay for it.

2. You will need down payment if you are going for a conventional loan, you’ll typically 20 percent of the loan amount plus closing cost. Closing costs vary, between 2 and 3 percent of the purchase price, This money, along with your down payment, is due at closing.

3. You will need a real estate agent – Who can bring local expertise, negotiation skills and make an exact plan and show you how he or she will help you find a home within your price range.

Now, the fun part begins – looking at homes for sale.

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Good public schools to consider.

Elementary School

Middle Schools

High School

Looking for Private school?




Plenty of cultural activities surrounding the area. Temples, Churches, and the Islamic Center.

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It would certainly be ideal to be able to plan a sale beforehand and to give yourself enough time to figure out every detail. Unfortunately, many such transactions happen out of need and are caused by an important event in the life of a family, like bringing a child into the world, marriage or in some cases, the death of a family member. Even without the luxury of premeditating your every move, here are a few pointers in case you want to sell your home:

Be Absolutely Sure You Want To – As stated above, selling one’s home is a big step. Before starting the process you’ll want to make sure that this is really what you want and that it will have the desired effect for you. Think ahead and plan accordingly. Did you settle on a new home already or at least made sure you have narrowed down your choices? If not, take a step back and think it over. Without a clear notion of what you want, you might be tempted to just test the waters. That usually involves over-evaluating your home and placing it on the market with a much higher price than it should have.

Some changes sneak their way into your life and compel you to take action, but others give you enough time to prepare. The addition of a new family member or a change in the place of employment is such fortunate cases that allow you to do your research and make the most out of the sale.

Don’t just throw your home out there the moment you realize you’ll have to sell, not unless you have to. There’s always something to be done around the house to increase that property’s value and net you more money once you do sell, from a new coat of paint to replacing bathroom tiles to the shingles on the roof.

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